Education Service Provider

AcadeMir Charter School Westís service provider is Superior Charter School
Services, Inc.

Superior Charter School Services, has been in operation since 2008 and has
proven to be one of the most successful charter school service and support
organizations in the business. Superior Charter School Services Inc. manages
four AcadeMir Charter Schools in Miami Dade County: AcadeMir Charter School
West, AcadeMir Charter School Middle, AcadeMir Preparatory Academy, AcadeMir
Charter School Preparatory.

Thanks to their relationship with Superior Charter Schools, the schools have
become some of the highest performing schools within short periods of
operations. Superior offers services that allow charter schools to have the
freedom to focus on what matters most: educating children. Superior Charter
School Services equips charter schools by providing them with innovative
curriculum as well as services that give them full confidence that their back-office
needs are met. Superior believes that each charter school is a unique educational
entity governed by a Board of Directors that works in the best interests of
students and the school. Superiorís mission is to facilitate that Governing Boardís
vision and mission for school improvement, financial viability and school
excellence. Superior Charter Schools Services Inc. has a proven track-record in
developing and growing high performing charter schools.

Superiorís services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resource
coordination, bookkeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance and financial
management and projections.
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Academir Charter Schools are Managed by:

Superior Charter School Services.
Address: 14850 SW 26th St, Miami, FL 33185
Phone:(305) 225-0444